Down & Out

So some kind of sickness has got me all kinds of down and out.  It’s yet to even be correctly identified and I’m now on my second round of meds.  Whatever it is it’s kicking my butt big time.  All that to say, I’ll probably be more MIA this week.

I did want to stop in tonight and thank you guys so much for such an amazing 2 weeks of Socktober…actually it was a mere 13 days.  We are completely humbled and grateful for all your help and support.  We’ve got a big ole’ check headed towards our adoption expenses plus 142 pairs of warm winter socks for our local Room In The Inn ministry.  Just overwhelmed with gratefulness.  I know We Help Two would love to partner with more people looking to help raise funds for good things in this world so check them out and get in on this sock action.

Just a real genuine heads up, since this sickness is being crazy stubborn in kicking it, I’m unsure if I will make the fun Bellevue/Nashville shindig.  There will be several other great companies there though, so a great night of shopping small business.  I will post for sure or not if I will be there with goods as we move closer to Thursday.  Really hope I feel better…this sickness is for the birds.

And Sunday is the free Bible journaling class and Noonday Collection show at First United Methodist in Gallatin.  I am ridiculously excited about this event.  Pretty confident I will cry 34 times, give lots of hugs and then cry 7 more times.  Rebecca is coming out with her Noonday…she’s crazy kind…you will love her!!!  If you can’t make it to the class, but still want to grab some Noonday…think Christmas party people…you can order online HERE and 10% of your purchase will go towards our family’s adoption expenses. (Abby Broche will be listed as your hostess.)  It is November 1st which means we can officially talk about Christmas.  No joke, Josh Kelley is putting up Christmas lights this weekend…he’s a maniac.

Noonday has a killer SALE PAGE right now and again, don’t me started on their WINTER/HOLIDAY line!!!!

We have another fun fundraiser we’ll be sharing with you soon.

For now, this is all I’ve got.  I’m off to bed in hopes that the morning will bring a much better feeling self.

Happy Tuesday night!

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