December 12

Today is a good day folks.  I am proclaiming it.

For our kindness advent today we put fun post-it note messages on public bathroom mirrors.  It’s always interesting to me how we balance this whole advent.  I want everyone in our family as involved as possible, but it’s not easy at all.  For this one, since Harper is in school during the day, she got to stay up a bit later last night and write and color her post-its.

The boys did some this morning and then before MDO they helped stick some at one store and then Amon and myself stashed the rest in random bathrooms where we had to run errands.  We did get busted in one bathroom which made me all nervous and silly feeling and I got all flustered and little girlish as Amon and I bolted from the bathroom.  It’s really hard maneuvering a giant cart nervously out of a store bathroom.  #i’mabigdork

Harper was hilarious writing her compliments.  I told her to just try and think about compliments she would like given to her.  My favorite’s she wrote were “You look lovely today.” and “You have very pretty eyes.”  She also was a tad confused by my  “You’re lookin’ fly.”  She read it and then said, “That just doesn’t seem like a very good compliment.”  I laughed then tried explaining it meant cool, hip or awesome.  I feel like she came away from the conversation a little more educated.

Tomorrow we are leaving a treat for our mailman.  We have been wearing him out with the packages lately and he is always just as kind as can be.  I even have time to make some homemade snickerdoodles.  What, what.

And because I’m a big cry baby and just bawled while watching this super fun Christmas video, I thought I’d pass along the sweet weepiness.  CHECK IT OUT.

Then to off set the tears GO HERE and laugh.  Who doesn’t like a spiderman dancing to Mariah Carey?!?!  Enjoy.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I saw the video this morning that made you cry. It made me cry, too. It made Baba say that he would love to have helped video that. Did you watch the blooper reel?

  2. Yes!!! I watched that Westjet video earlier and blubbered all the way through it! It’s one of the best things I’ve seen! 🙂

  3. Oh My goodness loved the westjet and I showed my 14 year old daughter and she also thought it was great. Then we watched the Spiderman (girl) and was so surprised that was filmed at my daughers school Lipscomb Academy (Lipscomb University) She was so excited o see her friends in it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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