December 1 & 2

Well here we go ladies and gents, December has begun.  We started our Christmas kindness advent yesterday and rocked it out this morning as well.  Recently someone told me they wanted to do a kindness advent, but that last year it became more of a chore versus something which helps keep your heart focussed on Christ’s love.  I really thought about that and honestly, I totally get it.  With four kids and the busiest time of the year, I can totally look back and see the days when I had viewed it as a chore.  This year I’m already handing out the grace card to myself to ensure this doesn’t happen with our family this year.  I want our kids to keep their excitement about spreading love and kindness.  I don’t want them to lose sight of what this time of year is really about.  Who needs me throwing extra stress and pride into the mix.  So I’m doing some things a little different this year…we’re taking things a little more easy and relaxed.

Like yesterday we took polaroid pictures of families and friends in Target while we shopped.  We spent Thanksgiving in Florida and had just gotten back.  Josh had to get some things done and Huddy and Sol wanted to spend time with him, so just Harper, Amon and myself went to Target.  The boys knew and understood what we were doing and I wanted them to be apart of the kindness, but time with their dad was just fine too.  So just three of us rocked it out yesterday and it was just as meaningful.

I was so proud of Harper.  I watched as she walked up to total strangers, told them we were spreading kindness for Christmas this year and asked if she could take their pictures.  Then she would stand back, “say cheeeeeese”, snap their pics and then hand over the picture and wish them a Merry Christmas.  I was the creepy lady standing behind her crying.  Like a dork.  Two ladies even gave her $5 and asked her to pay it forward.  She wants to give the $5 to Ms Betty at the post office since she works so hard for us and is always kind.  Gosh!

Today we showed a little appreciation to the custodians who work so hard at Harper’s school.  Normally I would want to make something homemade, but like I said, we just got back from Florida, so we went with break and bake cookies.  Harper, Huddy and Sol can line a cookie sheet with break and bake dough like nobody’s business and they still understood what those cookies were about…homemade or not.

Kindness doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated or all dolled up…it can be simple and easy and small.  Kindness in whatever form or shape can change someone’s day and show them God’s love.  I want to encourage you this December to soak up the days…to remember others and Jesus and to show love and kindness…and to show yourself some grace…loving God and others in the best way you know how…in the ways that work for your family this season.

Tomorrow we are thanking our trash guy.  He works hard and we appreciate what he does.  He deserves some break and bake cookies too.

Let December commence.  It’s going to be grand, I just know it.

Happy Monday.


  1. Beautiful pics….and I love Harper’s heart! Wishing you & your crew a happy & Merry Christmas!

    And thank you for always making me smile with your posts!!

  2. Melody barnes says:

    Goosebumps and tears…what a cool combo as I read this and think about your heart and how you spread the love with your kiddos and everyone else!

  3. Awesome! We started yesterday too… Random Acts of Christmas Kindness! Looking forward to a big one on Friday but everyday it’s great to see my girl look for opportunities to love on others! Thanks for your awesome ideas and encouragement! PS…. Found mint chocolate chip break and bake cookies today at the grocery! Score!

  4. Christy HAMILTON says:


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