Craft Night #1

Saturday rolled around and it was craft night time.  Josh and I worked hard getting everything ready.  It was a lot of work, but good, fun work.  I loved trying to make everything just right and getting everything set up and preparing food.  It’s like my dream job.

The ladies started rolling in and I was thrilled to meet everyone.  Nikki, Karen, Leslie, Shannon, Kirsten, Lori, Mary Leigh, Laura, Megan, Jenny, Kirsten and Lauren were a complete delight and a fantastic first group.  They were kind and nice and helped each other through out the whole night.  They laughed and worked hard.  And they loved Susan.  It was so much fun.  What a creative group they were too.

All of their creations were awesome.  And these were no easy tasks, but they rocked them well.  I loved how everyone’s was so different and how each lady made the project their own.  Love all the final products.










And some of the ladies shared their phone pics with me too.



And my trusty assistant Susan…aka…Ms. Flowers.  She was amazing.

Susan and I are doing the 21 Day Fix challenge together so we cheersed with our 4oz of wine.  She measured it out precisely.  We’re committed yo!

I am opening spots up for my March art classes this Thursday!  I’ve already emailed my wait list ladies about the spots, so they will get first choice.  If you would like to get an early invite, just shoot me a message HERE.  I am going to have two dates available…a Friday night and a Saturday day…12 spots for each day.  Hoping I can fill them up.  We shall see.  If not, we’ll do one class on Saturday.

Thank you to all my first time ladies who came.  You blessed me in such an amazing way and I am so grateful.  You made the night extra fantastic!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Amazing!!! Please put my daughter and I on your waiting list for your upcoming craft nights. Jill Martin and Clarissa Martin

  2. I really need to talk to you about how you planned and prepared for this…I have been wanting to do a craft night for the ladies at church since I saw your small group craft night eons ago on your blog…I don’t know how to properly plan the amount of supplies. That is my biggest worry and really why I haven’t pursued it fully. Do you just overshoot or actually figure out about how much and do some awesome math? I have so many questions…

  3. Laura, I wish I lived even a little bit close to you, oh how I would LOVE to come to your craft nite. Way to step out in faith, be bold, and allow God to use your amazing talents!

  4. Woohoo! Three cheers for you, Laura! Looks like you pulled off a great night! All of the ladies’ projects turned out awesome. I’ll say it again, whenever you take this show on the road and come out to Southern California, I’m all over it 😉

  5. so glad it went so well! 🙂 CONGRATS!

  6. looks amazing!!!!!

  7. Brea Freeman says:

    Hey I know them! You had such a great group of ladies!

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