Well we finally heard from the camera doctor today and they couldn’t fix my camera.  *Insert big huge world wide internet sigh*  So now I am sending it off to Cannon to see if they can do something for her.  I really love my iPhone camera and it has come in super handy, but I really, like really really, want my regular camera back.  So here’s to hoping Cannon can work their magic.

In other completely unrelated Kelley news…for all of you that ask me quite a bit if Amon ever cries, here is some proof that he really does cry sometimes.  One little lonely tear.  He is one amazing baby and most definitely the happiest baby I’ve ever met, but yes, he does cry sometimes.  And no, I did not enhance/digitally lengthen his eyelashes.  And yes, I am tempted to put mascara on them because they are beautiful.

Fall is killing me…like the good killing me.  I love it so very very much.  I wish it could stay forever.

Ashley mailed me this super awesome scarf for my birthday.  I gladly sported it this morning.  Scarfs are one of those very underrated accessories that totally deserve more props then they get.

I wish everyone could meet Huddy in person.  Maybe I’ll do a little video interview with him.  He’s hilarious and sincere and sweet and absolutely never, ever, ever without his blades.  Ever.

As fall is killing me…so is this picture.  Melt this “Momma of Mostly Boys” heart.

My giveaway over at Dreaming Big Dreams ends tonight.  Up for grabs is a 4×12 Mumford and Sons canvas.  CLICK HERE to enter.  Thanks so much Jamie for asking me to participate.

Last night my small group met up after a long break.  Jess had these waiting for us.  Too fun.  We didn’t decide on what Bible study to do next, but we did have a very deep and enlightening conversation about iPhone apps.  Ha.  I just downloaded a little Christmas app for my shopping and I must say, I am rather pumped.

I finished up this 4×12 canvas for Renae in North Carolina.  Thanks so much Renae and hope you love it.

And while I was at it, I decided to make up a few extra canvases for purchase.  These (4) 4×12 canvases are for sale.  They are all very very similar so I will just mail you one of them.  If you are interested in purchasing one, just shoot me an email and let me know you would like to purchase one.  They will be sold first come, first serve…or first email, first serve.

**UPDATE:  All canvases have sold.**

Hope you guys have had a wonderful day.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I want one! PLEASE!

  2. hey! love the canvases! how much? 🙂

  3. and i totally sympathize with the camera situation- our Nikon broke this past weekend, and while i like my phone pics, i want our big camera back. first world problem, i know, but the sun is shining and my kids made super cute crafts today that the phone camera isn’t giving justice to!

  4. Hi Laura, I’d like to buy one of the 4 please. Pls let me know if I got in on time! Thanks, Rebekah

  5. I’d love one of the canvases….if I can afford it. Please email me to let me know the price. I have a son that loves Mumford and Sons 🙂

  6. CHrIs Bakker says:

    I would love one!!!!

  7. Jan Nathanson says:

    SOLD!!! I hope I’m first! I want one of the Mumford & Son canvases. I was going to ask you next week but I want it!!!!! How much and I’ll have it with me. Please tell me I’m first!!! Love you!!!

  8. Sandra Pate says:

    I would love on if there is one left. Thanks!

    • Sandra…hate to disappoint, by they all sold.

      • Sandra Pate says:

        Thanks for letting me know. When you begin with taking orders, I would love to be on the list. My daughter has one of your beautiful creations. I appreciate your creativity with your ever present theme of God’s love. Sorry about your camera, but today’s pictures are great!

  9. Sandra Pate says:

    I will love on, too! But what I really meant was I would love one if there is one left.

  10. What Christmas app did you download ? Always looking for new ones. Thanks. Marilyn

  11. I would love to buy one of the canvases. How much?

  12. Love one please

  13. So sorry about your camera!

    Whenever you’re ready for custom orders, I want on the list! Looking for Jeremiah 29:11 on my new gallery wall.

  14. I’m so bummed I am just now seeing this post. 🙁 One day I’ll own one of your canvases… one day! That tear is just pitiful! Hope they can fix your camera! And what’s the app?

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