Around Here + Must Have Cupcakes

So Everett is hanging close to home all the time in hopes of getting him well and then keeping him well enough for his procedure next week.  We’re home pretty much all day, every day unless we have a doctor’s appointment.  I’m feeling a tad stir crazy and have really been sticking it to my free Amazon Prime this month, but we’re really really praying this procedure will take place.

Strict orders have been given to wash hands, don’t kiss Everett, don’t get in his face and don’t touch his hands.  I thought about Amazon Priming an economy size bottle of hand sanitizer and Lysol.  There’s just far too many little people going out into the world and then coming back into our house.  Ahhhhh.  And I’m not even a germaphobe.

In the mean time we’re trying to make the most of it.  Shuai’s favorite activity mostly consists of sitting on our countertops.  It’s pretty much where he perches most of his day.  He likes to be near me and apparently I live in our kitchen.  #shocker  All our good parenting rules, tricks and tips have gone out the window with this kid.  Here he is eating pie at 9pm the other night.  Sigh.

He also snacks…a lot.  Not sure he’s eaten a complete meal at our table with us yet.  He usually hangs out some, wanders around and grazes on his food.  I keep a little plate of half eaten Everett food.  He hasn’t had any milk at all until we went to eat lunch with Harper on her birthday.  He saw her milk box and just HAD TO HAVE IT!!!  Then he slurped the whole thing down.  When I was telling my SIL who is Chinese, she told me milk boxes are treats in China.  She said she bets that’s why he was so into it.  Well, the next day I bought milk boxes.  5 kids and I’ve avoided buying milk boxes and now here we are.

My BIL who teaches Chinese told us about Mandarin Elmo on YouTube.  I downloaded the Kids YouTube app and it was the sweetest thing ever watching Everett watching Mandarin Elmo.  Like, I teared up.  His disposition changed.  He was just super happy.  Josh and I we’re talking about how comforting it must have been to understand what they we’re saying…to hear his native language like that.  Needless to say, I let him watch it any time he wants.

He loves to play with blocks and cars.  They are his favorite toys.  He loves stacking the blocks crazy high and then knocking them all over.  And he really likes when Amon sets up his race track.  Everett likes Amon a lot and Amon is such a good big brother.  They are good little playmates and as suspected, Amon loves having a new bath buddy.  They get out ALL THE TOYS and bathe away.


If you haven’t noticed, we basically live in our PJs.  I mean, when you don’t get out much, what’s the point.  Ha.  Bonus:  PJs are comfy and Everett never objects to some comfy clothes.  He does love to wear his shoes though…even just around the house.  They complete his look.

We’ve been trying to get some fresh air still.  We’ve walked down to our little park a couple of times.  One time it was on Amon’s birthday and funny story, but I thought Amon was in our community center bathroom turns out he was crashing a bridal shower and scored everyone cupcakes.  Hahahahaha.  It ended up being a friend from high school and she was crazy kind to share.

Sidenote:  On the subject of cupcakes…the cupcake I ate was a blueberry cupcake with blueberry butter cream.  I do not even like blueberries, but I dare say this might have been the best cupcake I’ve ever put in my mouth.  So I sent my friend a message and asked where the cupcakes came from.  Turns out another friend from high school, Kristen, has a side baking business The Secret Is In The Sass and made them.  LOCALS listen up…you know how I feel about my baked goods, these cupcakes were crazy legit.  The blueberry one consumed my mind for hours…I just kept thinking about it.  Hahahahaha.  This is my mind you guys.  Anyways, if you need some super, crazy delicious cupcakes head over HERE and place an order.  Seriously, order them!  End Sidenote.

So in conclusion… 1.  If you need us, we’ll be home.  2.  Please continue to pray with us for Everett’s heart and that he’s healthy enough for his heart cath next week.  And 3.  You need THESE cupcakes in your life.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Teresa Pinckley says:

    I know you are probably overrun with suggestions, advise from well meaning loved ones but I would suggest to ward off any bugs,colds, sniffles, any kind of sickness, get you a diffuser and diffuse Thieves from Young Living Oils. In one of your post I think i remember that you had used some Young Living Oils. I am not trying to sell you something but if you don’t have a source there I will send you a diffuser and a bottle of Thieves. It really does work keeping all the bad stuff away and I would be glad to help. If you are not interested, no problem there either. Just concerned and willing to help.

    • Thank you so much! You are crazy crazy kind and generous and thoughtful. Totally appreciate your willingness to help and your concern. We are good right now in the oils department 🙂

  2. Carol Short says:

    Always praying for your sweet family. I am wearing my panda t-shirt as I type this. Have a great week! Although we are strangers, reading your blog brightens my day!

  3. Jessica says:

    Oh my word, I had one of her blueberry cupcakes the other day and I am with you! They are amazing!!

  4. Everett’s smile is ridiculously adorable! It lights up his whole face. So glad to see that coming out in him more and more. Praying he stays healthy for his procedure.

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