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Hudson and Solomon are dreaming up their own Youtube channel which they have fondly named Dude Almost Perfect…not infringing on any copyright laws at all. 🙂  They’ve been filming their videos and they’ve designed their logo.  Hudson made a rough draft and then got their cousin Meiya to do the final draft on a cardboard skateboard cutout.  Fiesta with a baseball bat riding a skateboard and I love it.  I love how they want to incorporate little pieces of Everett in so many things they do.

I am loving the tween time with Harper.  She is funny and fun and kind and creative and not too cool for her parents.  Recently she and some friends covered our entire sidewalk in the most amazing colorful designs.  Sidewalk chalk forever.

While I’m declaring some things for forever, I’ll add licking beaters forever!!!!  Leo on the counter with a beater of cookie dough = love forever and ever and ever!  The end.

I was playing UNO with Amon and Winter the other afternoon and snapped this photo.  I feel like it truly embodies what life is like with the 3 of them…such an accurate depiction. 🙂  Smiles and chaos and excitement and screaming and some angst.

When Leo falls asleep at the table Josh Kelley and I always try to be ready…with our cameras.  When he finally jolted back awake he was left with crumbs stuck to his forehead.  He makes me heart sing in a bazillion different ways.

Fall is officially upon us and we are very much ready for it. We’re thrilled to see the heat and humidity disappear and the cooler temps and fallen leaves and Walmart mums and pumpkin shaped candy corn and Peppermint Patties appear in their place.  It’s my favorite season and I couldn’t be much more excited about it.  Let’s do this Fall!

  It’s been dreary and raining all week.  We’ve only had 2 doctors appointments which is amazing feeling.  We dropped one specialist for Leo, but then added an additional one this week.  Meh.  He is working so hard and we could not be more proud of his hard work and resilience.  With a chill-ish week Leo and I have gotten our legit snuggle on, spent time with Meredith, made birthday plans for Hudson, baked banana bread and cookies, watched the new This Is Us (OH MY GAH!!!!) and then hashed it all out with Leah, scheduled more doctor’s appointments and then snuggled some more.  Crazy thankful for this time with him…not a minute of it is lost on me.

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  1. Hahaha dude perfect. My kids just discovered them… so there is a LOT of trick shots in my house lately. Like putting books on the shelf…. hanging up coats…. basketball shots from upstairs to downstairs ‍♀️

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