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Okay, I am still playing major catch up on documenting here in this space, but I also wanted to follow up on some questions or inquiries I have had about our Sing A Brave Song Fundraiser.  So I present to you questions answered & some information accompanied by our 4th of July pictures.  Makes so much sense.

WHO IS THE FAMILY?!?!?!?!  Wowzers.  I’ve been asked this one a lot.  I promise it’s not us and we’re not straight up hustling you into funding our adoption. 🙂  And if I was at liberty to say, I would.  These souls are near and dear to our hearts…we know them personally…and I promise promise promise this is absolutely worth the generosity & kindness.  I feel like I’ve been pretty honest and transparent throughout the years in this space and I wouldn’t start crossing you now.

ARE YOU SCAMMING US?!?!?!  We are not.  We actually do not touch any of the money…as in it never crosses our hands or our bank accounts.  We have the gofundme set up where all the money goes straight into the family’s account.  I promise we are not stealing your money to remodel our bathroom or buy ample amounts of foam cowboy hats, pinwheels, corndogs and nudie magazines.  Hahahaha.  Someone name that movie!

I don’t want to donate online because the interwebs will steal my identity.  How do I donate?  I got you.  No worries.  This is the moment when I will handle the money and you will just have to trust me that I will not go out and blow hundreds of dollars…you we’re donating $100’s right!?!…on Sweetart Ropes.  You can actually get me a check…in person or mail…or Venmo…or PayPal…me your donation and I will then send it directly to the family.  Easy as technology cash exchanging pie!

What is the money going towards or how will it be used?  International adoption is not cheap…and it shouldn’t be.  A child is leaving their homeland and re-locating to another part of the world and it needs to be done correctly and ethically. All the money will go towards adoption expenses. (homestudy, post placement, agency fees, in-country fees,  dossier fees, fingerprints, document expenses, Visas, child’s passport, travel, in-country documentation fees, etc.)

Why isn’t the family working to pay for their own adoption?  Or why aren’t we using the money so the child can stay with their birth family?  These can feel a bit snarky and very much one-sided as there is a lot of information that has not been shared, but I’ll address it.  First, they are, but also things are complicated and hard.  We know this very personally as we had to raise funds for Leo’s adoption completely solo and it was really really difficult.  We chose to that because we needed the space and room to breath and grieve and process.  We do not want that for someone else.  We want to support and love in this way so that’s what we are doing.

This very moment take a second to think of something that has been financially stressful on you or your family.  Now imagine a group of people came together…zero strings attached…you owe them nothing in return…and they helped ease that burden a little, a lot or even all of it!  Imagine how that would feel.  It personally makes me teary eyed because most of us carry financial burdens that are an honor to carry, but still heavy…adoption expenses, medical bills, therapy bills, PT & OT, special schooling, treatments, etc etc etc.  The list is long of what these could be.  Just imagine someone wanted to take care of it for you.  That’s what we want to do along with you!

And using the money to keep the child with their birth family is not an option.  This is a hot question in the adoption/foster care realm and is an important one, but we have to understand family preservation is not always an option.  When it’s a possibility or an option, I fully support that.

WILL WE EVER KNOW THE FAMILY?!?!?!  This is zero percent my call and I am perfectly fine with no one ever knowing who this went down for.  Sometimes kindness can be weirdly quiet….I know this isn’t exactly quiet…we’re actually raising a lot of noise…but in a way it is still quiet…and I like that.

Can we attend Nashville’s Heart Walk this Saturday at 8am?  But of course.  We will be there as well and if you are there and see us, please come say hi.  I will for sure A) Cry and B) Hug your neck.  You can check out all the Heart Walk details HERE.

Do you have a team set up for the heart walk?  And can I/we/my business join you?  Excellent question.  In the past we have set up a team, “Ace of Hearts”, but this year instead of raising funds directly for the American Heart Association we wanted to set up the gofundme page and Sing a Brave Song along with you.  We wanted to shoot for an outlandish goal this year…we wanted it to be really extra personal…so that’s what we’re doing.  You are more than welcome to join us by grabbing the link and sharing with your people and donating.

What is this week’s giveaway?  I will share all of this week’s giveaway tomorrow!  Every week’s giveaway has been carefully collected and it’s something I would genuinely be thrilled to receive in the mail.  And you will receive it quickly.  None of this waiting around for forever to get your goodies.  Last week’s Saturday giveaway was mailed out on Sunday!

We are 10 days in and over $12,000 raised.  Gosh!!!  It’s just so great and THANK YOU for donating and sharing.  To meet this goal for this family I’ve worked it out in my head that if we can get $1000 in donations every day and then hope like crazy for a few bigger donations along the way we’ll totally hit it by the end of September or we just need a ton of people to make a ton donations! I’m good with either way.  We still need $765 for today so head over HERE to donate and share.  You guys are amazing!

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  1. I just love this whole thing you’re doing! If I could give hundreds every day I would! I think some people really do not understand the ins and outs of adoption. My sister has gone through 2 international adoptions and some people seem to not get why they fundraise and got donations etc. It truly is so beautiful when a group gathers together to take away a financial burden. Loved your answers in this post. Rooting for the entire amount to come through!!! Let’s go people. Give give give! 😉

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