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I just got back from Craft Weekend at 1:30am this morning.  Rebecca and I logged some major miles driving this weekend.  As I left for Rebecca’s house, 3 hours away on Thursday night, Josh had left me a card in the car and part of it said, “…I really hope this weekend lives up to your expectations.”  I thought about that little sentence and at the end of the weekend I was so thrilled that not only was the weekend all I expected, but so much more.  God really ministered to my heart in so many ways I did not see coming.  All the new ladies we met and had the honor of spending the weekend with were truly blessings.

Rebecca is quite possibly the best travel partner ever.  Our personalities mix so well and it doesn’t hurt that we are cousins and not just your random cousins, but we’re cousins who are actually friends as well.  I so loved spending almost 21 hours in a car with her and then spending the whole weekend with her crafting.

Traveling into new states was super fun for us.  Rebecca had no problem slamming on her breaks on the interstate so I could get pictures with the state signs and she thought Chick-fil-a was just as important to our trip as I did.  We payed way too many tolls and may have run one…maybe 🙂

We both decided we have the worst phones to travel with and we enjoyed fun gas station finds as well.

When we finally arrived to the Craft Weekend house I knew it was going to be an amazing weekend…and it really was.  Meg’s house is awesome and she and Kimberlee had everything decorated and set up to pure loveliness.

The entire weekend was just grand.  All the new ladies we met were fabulous, the laughter was loud and the creativity was flowing.  Every single meal Kimberlee made was beyond delicious, the crafts were wonderful, the antique shopping was out of this world and the hospitality was sincere and made us feel like we were home.

I had to snap a picture of Rebecca’s first time ever using a sewing machine.  She rocked it!

Oh and the swag…yes, you get crazy awesome swag to take home with you.  One of my favorite item’s being the adorable onion “Emotionally Unstable” tea towel…how did they know 🙂

It was truly everything I expected and so much more.  I needed a weekend like this and I feel so blessed to have been able to go.  Craft Weekend did not disappoint.  Thank you Meg and Kimberlee for just being genuine and sincere and totally awesome.  We had a blast.  If you are thinking about signing up for the wait list…don’t hesitate another day…you will not be disappointed…I promise!  And if you get picked you can take me with you 🙂

Happy Monday!


  1. Tricia says:

    Hey! I know your cousin! i live just outside Memphis and have worked alongside Rebekah in ministry in the recent past! She’s a sweet girl.

  2. So glad it was even more than you dreamed. My prayers were answered for you this weekend. Exceedingly abundantly-above all we could even ask or think….. Thank you, Jesus, for being concerned with even the fun things.

  3. jeanine says:

    So happy for you, Laura! I’ve been waiting for pics from your weekend! It looks absolutely amazing! So colorful, crafty, and eye-candyish! Rattle those stars, girl. (And give Rebekah my best.:) )

  4. I am so glad you were able to make it, Laura!
    And in reading this post the “Waiting for You” signs and blocks made me get teary all over again.
    Come back and see us again, okay?

  5. It was so great to meet you this weekend Laura! I hope that we can keep in touch! I have been and will continue to pray that you will get to bring your little boy home to you very, very soon. All the best to you and yours.


  6. Found you through the whatever craft weekend blog!!! (Sooo jealous you got to go!) We’re from TN and adopting too! Nice to find your awesome space on the web!

  7. Found your blog via whatever craft weekend. I got picked for August and am SO excited to go! Any pointers?! 😉 I’m flying so I’m already planning on bringing an extra suitcase to bring back barn loot!


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