A Little Of This

Yep…I get to help parent these two.  They are crazy and wild and fun and challenging and sweet and a big twin ball of energy.  I’m a very lucky lady.  They look good in jerseys too.

There’s not much I like listening to more lately than Harper read.  Although a little Avett Brothers isn’t bad either.  Josh decided they make the perfect fall playlist.  I concur.

I may have a serious addiction to Face Time.  Best thing about the iPhone ever…ever.  And Ashley…she’s glorious.  I get to see her everyday…any time I please.  Hooray!

Never, ever, ever did I think I would be pureeing carrots for the fourth time around.  Long gone were the days of making baby food to save money.  Why, oh why, does baby food have to be so pricey?  Anyone have any money saving tips on buying baby food for cheap?

Should I be worried?

I decided to be daring yesterday and step outside my normal white sock routine.  Funky jazzy socks are pretty fun.

Amon was crying the other night while I was getting his bottle fixed.  He suddenly quit and when I came back I found this.  Sweet big brother Sol had figured out his own way to get Amon to calm down.  Inventive little boy.

My mom loved when the trees changed.  God’s handy work.  I stopped outside her bank to snap this today.  Some days a heavy heart is hard to shake, but God’s goodness is everywhere.

Yesterday we had a very successful home study.  Our social worker Lisa is the best.  We’ve known her for a long time now.  She remembers when Harper was little and Huddy and Sol were babies.  She was smitten with Amon, but who isn’t.

It’s about to get real.  To get ready for our home study Josh and I folded and put away maybe the largest pile of clothes ever in our house.  It was so dense & compacted it felt like a dead body was buried under there.  Let’s just say neither one of us has been good at keeping up with laundry lately.

Last night we had a super fun dinner.  Harper’s school had a spirit night at our local Chick-fil-a to help raise money for their school. You don’t have to twist my arm to eat at Chick-fil-a and not to have to fix dinner and to help raise funds for her awesome school.  We ended the night with smores.  {Insert raise the roof hands here.}  Harper is not a marshmallow fan and was cracking me up tonight.  Harper: “Wow I don’t like real smores, but I love microwaved smores.”  Yep.

I finished up two more orders.  This 12×12 canvas is headed to Emily in North Carolina.  Thanks so much Emily and hope you love it.  I kind of want to keep it for myself.

This 12×12 canvas is headed to Kristen here in Tennessee.  Hope this will be loved for years to come.  Thanks Kristen.

And my giveaway over at Dreaming Big Dreams is still going on.  CLICK HERE and enter to win a 4×12 Mumford & Sons canvas.  YippY!

Hope you have a great Wednesday.  Thanks for reading my little tiny piece of the internet.  You’re pretty amazing.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I totally agree with Harper about microwave s’mores! And you should totally try microwave s’mores with Nutella instead of chocolate. *whispers* They’re better.

  2. Love ur socks! Sometimes it’s hard to get out of our comfort zones but fun at the same time. Yuck on the laundry – so DISLIKE folding! Love the tree pic – God has subtle ways of reminding us what is important! Have a great Wednesday ; )!

  3. The canvas for Kristen is our family verse. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. The outline of Africa behind the words… too much for my heart to handle. Amon is presh as always… his brothers are a trip… Miss H reading is just wonderful! Rock the socks! I picked up a little cozy, happy yesterday at Tar-jay… gotta love clearance happies! Thanks so much for your tiny piece of the internet… it makes me smile!

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