A Day Alone

Kid-free days are rare…like albino polar bear rare.  I really wasn’t sure what all to do with myself.  But I managed 🙂 just fine.

Hit up our Joannes for some cupcake holders for Sol’s Gotcha Day this week.  Cannot believe he has already been home 3 years.  Craziness.  While there I found some new fabric.  Swoon.

I took our van in to get the fluids checked.  I just recently discovered that you can take your car to a dealership’s service center, even if you didn’t get your car from them.  I went to get our oil changed about a month ago and all they did was change my oil.  That’s it!  They didn’t try to sell me anything extra.  No tire rotation or extra fluids or new brakes or new transmission.  Okay, so I would have been super skeptical of the new transmission.  And the Honda service center waiting room has the best kids area ever.

And today I was floored.  This was my bill.  And they said everything was fine.  What?  This does not happen.  I am now a loyal Honda service center customer.

I ate lunch alone.  In Chick-fil-A.  Did I mention alone?  It was quite odd, but great at the same time.  Chick-fil-A sauce.  Be still my heart.

While I ate I even read.  Maybe it wasn’t a great novel, but it was an incredible article about the amazing Josh Hamilton.  If you don’t know anything about baseball or don’t even care about baseball, Josh Hamilton’s story is still soooo worth reading about.  It’s all about redemption and honesty and being a flawed individual and good baseball.  A great read for sure.

I even perused some of my favorite local antique/junk stores.  This chandelier really, really needed to come home with me, but I sadly left it hanging there.

This guy really needed to come home with me as well.  No, not really.  I just thought he was quite hilarious and provocative 🙂  Headless, armless and legless plastic dummy men are so hot

Ace of hearts have been arriving in the mail.  So crazy fun.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  If you have any I will gladly purchase them or send you a little key fob ‘thank you’ gift.  Cannot wait to collect enough for some special artwork.

And I ended my kid-free day watching Josh play some really great baseball with the Full Count Ministry guys.  It was a long, high scoring game.  They lost…boo…16-15.  That’s a good game though.

Now back to kid-full days 🙂  I miss them though.  Ready to see those wee Kelleys.  And still praying like mad for this one.  So beyond ready to hold him again.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Tricia Conrey says:

    What magazine is the Josh Hamilton article in? We’d love to read it!
    Amon is so precious!

  2. I’m enjoying a kid-free day today myself! Am I a bad mama if I call it complete bliss? 🙂

    We went to a Rangers game last week – that was the first I’d heard of Josh Hamilton, but I’ve heard lots since then.

  3. I lerrrrrrve that fabric! And I lerrrrrrve Josh Hamilton. And I cannot get over how itty bitty your itty bitty is! Super precious.

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