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Bible Journaling

**LATEST UPDATE:  You can find my online Bible journaling class HERE.  Current funds are going directly to help us fund our adoption of our son from China who has several complex heart defects.**

So I’ve been getting some emails and comments asking about information on my Bible journal…like where I got it, what kind of pens I use, supplies, etc.  I thought a quick post would be fun with some details.

I believe God creates everyone in really special, specific and purposeful ways.  He wires us differently.  Gives us different gifts and talents and loves.  And I think we all learn differently as well.  I know He created me with a creative bent…a love of color and creating and drawing with an artistic flare.  So I decided when I was really going to commit to read through the New Testament that I wanted to make sure I learned what I was reading.  And for me, adding an element of creativity would definitely enhance my ability to grasp what His words really mean…what all those parable are about…plus the added help from Google.

I ended up buying an ESV journal Bible from Amazon.  There are a lot of different options.  I loved the wide margins for notes, words, drawings, etc.  I wanted to pull out the things which really spoke to me.  I wanted to emphasize them and spend a longer amount of time looking at them.  The large margins had me at hello.

I draw, paint and color directly onto the pages and then sometimes I use plain white copy paper to work on, cut it out and then glue it to the pages.  I highlight and pull phrases and words that speak really loudly to me.  If I don’t understand something, I google it.  There are always 5 bazillion commentaries on what the passage means.  I read here and there and then make my own best judgment.  And move on.

Everyone is created so differently, but I’ve found this works for me.  I am retaining more and more information tapping into this quirk of mine.  I’m learning.  I’m remembering.  And I am enjoying spending time with His words.

Sometimes your fruit turns out looking more like a butt, but that’s okay.  It’s set in pen, so no erasing…I think God probably has an impeccable sense of humor though.

So here are the supplies I use.  There are tons and tons of options out there to work with.  These are just my choices…the ones I like to work with.

*ESV Journaling Bible

*Sharpie Highlighters

*Koi Watercolor Field Set (I bought this field set for Josh Kelley years ago on Amazon, but I’ve seen them at craft stores.)


*Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils (pretty much any where)

*Micron Pens (bought mine at Joanns, but I’m sure they’re at most craft stores.)

*Sharpie No Bleed Pen (also at Target) I love the medium tip.

*And an eraser

I still love Flair pens, but just didn’t dig them on this paper surface.

And I keep everything (minus the watercolor set) neatly in my Timbali zip pouch so I can grab it and go.

That’s it.  Super profesh right?!?!?!  You know, those Crayola twistables just scream “I’m an adult.”  Hahahahaha.

Hope this helps and answers some questions.  If you have any other questions just leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them as best I can.   And maybe you have a journaling supply item you love to use…feel free to share it with us.

Happy Wednesday.


I did a few updates within the post, but also added this area just in case you missed the main things I get asked a lot about.

I use the ESV Journaling Bible  I purchased mine on Amazon a while back.  It’s the plain black cover, but I painted it with acrylic paint and it’s held up well.

I now use the Timbali Costmetic Bag instead of their zip pouch to hold my supplies.  It’s bigger, but not too big and will hold all my supplies…even my watercolor set.  You can read about it HERE.

My watercolors are the Koi Watercolor Field Set (Hobby Lobby has them as well…use their 40% coupon)

I also teach Bible Journaling classes from our home once a month.  All the money from the classes goes towards doing some kind of good in the world.  I also will come to you and teach the class.  If you are interested you can message me HERE or email me at pitterpatterart at gmail dot com and I can get you all the details.

I’ve also started a Pinterest board with all my journaling pages.  You can check it out HERE.

*amazon affiliate links

Storing Art Supplies + Giveaway

I know you all have just been on the edge of your seats for today’s post.  I’m sure some of you even set your alarms to get up super early and read about how we store our art supplies.  It’s a pretty hot topic.

Let me start off with yes, I do let my kids draw and cut and color and glue and watercolor and stamp at any point in the day…no permission needed.  No, that may not work for your family.  This is just what works for us and I do realize I probably let my kids handle some supplies and tools a bit early…and I paid for it sometimes…like when Huddy cut Sol’s hair when they were like 18-months-old right when our social worker was arriving for a visit.  Ha!  But I have put major time into teaching the wee Kelleys how to respect their art supplies and how to handle and use them correctly…like not using scissors to give each other haircuts.  Art supplies required responsibility  So do what works for you and your kiddos.  Different strokes, for different folks.  Right on!

So here’s the method to our crazy crafty madness.  Essentially we have two main containers that hold most of our craft supplies.  The bigger one holds some supplies that the wee Kelleys have to ask permission to get out and use.  It has two layers of supplies…yes, I am crazy when it comes to organizing.  It’s not healthy, but all of these items have to fit into this one container.  In the bottom is paint (acrylics & fingers paints…does not include watercolors), dot painters & rollers and embellishments.

The next layer consists of pipe cleaners, beads, string, glitter, confetti and pom poms.  I mainly take most items out of their original packaging and relocate them to zip-lock bags and beads and embellishments are stored in bead boxes with all the little fun compartments.

Pretty sure the first container stresses Josh Kelley out.

Kelley Family Fun Fact #88:  Josh Kelley hates and I mean H.A.T.E.S glitter.  How did we ever get together?!?!

The other container is smaller and shallow and hold supplies they can get out any time they would like…pastels, school glue, giant box of Crayolas, stickers and mini markers.

These both fit nicely on one of Harper’s low shelves in her closet.

We also have this killer piece of furniture that holds dvds, cds, camera gear and our tv sits on top.  My mom found it at a used furniture store for cheap…it was ugly…I painted it and voila…teal organizing loveliness.

The top middle drawer is the wee Kelleys…easily accessible for them.  It holds stamp sets, paper, notebooks and watercolors.

And lastly I use jars.  Lots and lots of jars.  The jars hold pencils, colored pencils, fat markers, skinny markers, twist up crayons, paintbrushes, regular crayons and Sharpies.

Then I use one small basket to hold the fat markers, skinny markers, regular crayons, paint brushes and colored pencil jars.  This basket is kept in the teal piece so the boys or Harper can get to it and any time.  All they have to do is pull the one basket out and put it on the table.

Harper’s room is downstairs right beside the kitchen/living room and dining room so the other jars of Sharpies, twistable crayons and pencils are kept in her room on their little table.  Along with a tape dispenser, a small basket that holds glues sticks, scissors and erasers and another girly bucket that hold’s different fun pens that have been specifically given to Harper at some point…like birthday, Christmas, etc or she bought them with her own money.

The boys are allowed to use their table in Harper’s room or go in and bring out any of the jars whenever they would like.  I also make them help with going through supplies…like testing markers and tossing all the ones that do not work anymore.  This is our test sheet.

And I do make them clean up after themselves…being an artist takes some responsibility…even on super crafty days when things get a little out of hand.  When they put up a fight, which sometimes they totally do…they’re kids, I just make it clear that if we can’t be responsible and clean up after ourselves, then we won’t be able to use our art supplies.  Usually that gets them going.  I tell them all the time, “I say what I mean and I mean what I say”, so art privileges have been revoked before.  Boom.

Hope this helps a bit…hope you feel empowered to let your wee ones get crafty…don’t be scared…you can do it.  Just find what works for your family and go for it…you may have a budding artist at your fingertips.

Happy Crafting!

PS:  I am a guest giveaway over at Dreaming Big Dreams today.  Up for grabs is one of my 4×12 “Where you invest your love” canvas.  Head over and enter to win.

Rainbow Is Her Favorite Color

Harper asked to have an art party way back in August…yes, August.  She has been planning and thinking about this party for way too long.  And it just so happened I totally lucked up on “back-to-school” and got most of our supplies and favors…thank you 20 cent Crayola crayons and $1 Crayola markers.  Hip, hip, hooray for $1 scissors, 20 cent glue sticks and 50 cent pencil boxes.  That’s what made up all the party favor boxes.

We kept everything colorful and fun with lots of bunting.

Harper requested pizza, chips, fruit, carrots, Sprite and chocolate cupcakes with white icing for her party.  She is a total planner.

Only the girl cousins came to the party.  Harper really wanted to do “real” art, so we kept the party small and rocked the art.  First, they painted with acrylic paint on canvases.

Their canvases were beautiful…they made me smile really big.  And each girl was pretty proud of themselves.

We also did art work on aqua boards.  Each kiddo drew the first letter in their name & some decoration around their letter with oil pastels.  Once they liked the way their letter looked, they then watercolored the entire board.

It was love again.  It was so sweet watching them all work so hard and use their little creative juices.

And lastly they decorated cookies with food writers.  I made colorful blank cookies canvases and let them go to town.

Harper was completely in her element and I think everyone had a really fun time.

My favorite part of the party, which is the same every single year with Harper, was when we sang happy birthday to her.  She LOVES it and smiles as big as day.  I love this kid.

Harper had the best time and I was thrilled that she had such a fun time.  Rainbow is definitely her favorite color.


Paper straws from Hey Yo Yo

Colorful polka dot napkins and plates from Target

Colorful Sprite recipe found on Pinterest HERE

Sugar cookies recipe from Sugarbelle

Royal Icing (sort of) Recipe from The Decorated Cookie

Gourmet Writer Food Pens from Amazon