8 Things {Boys Edition}

1. Fresh cuts.  A new barber shop, Fortune & Fadesopened up down the street not too long ago and now Josh Kelley and all the boys can go in for good haircuts.  Josh has long been a Super Cuts kind of guy, but that is no more.  He now gets a legit good haircut every time along with the rest of the Kelley boys.  If you’re local and looking for an awesome barber shop then look no further.

2. Hey Solomon, why don’t you relax a little at the doctor’s officer?!?!  He totally cracks me up.  Keeps us laughing all the time.

3. Hudson is going through lots of grief along with the rest of us.  Most mornings he wakes up feeling really down so when I see that smile it makes my mama’s heart soar.  It’s been so difficult walking each of our kids through losing Everett, but what an honor to be the one there to hold them close, kiss their faces and tell them, “Me too.”

4. To say I love our kids’ teachers is an understatement.  They have loved our children so well during their hardest moments these past 6 months.  They have gone above and beyond and pour so much into each of them.  One of my greatest pleasures is loving on our teachers and school staff right back.  It doesn’t have to be big…a note of encouragement, a quick thank you text, a yummy chocolate bar, a homemade chocolate chip cookie or a pickle jar of flowers.  They deserve all the love and kindness for how they celebrate, love and encourage all their students each day.

5. This guy.  Oh my.  He has all our hearts in such a unique way.  Amon came on the scene when we we’re all deep in grief after losing Mom.  God used him to restore our joy and he has been a wild, wonky, wonderful ball of joy since the beginning.  He also opened our eyes and arms to our sweet heart kiddos.  God used Amon to guide us to Everett and we are forever grateful.  Amon has been experiencing some heart issues lately and we got a mid-year look at his special little ticker.  He has a very leaky valve, but we’re so thankful for another decent report.  Our children’s medical issues have been spotlighted since Everett’s death.  We know we are not promised tomorrow and when you watch one of your children die, it changes you in so many ways as a parent.

6. About 4 years ago we started a new tradition where our children with birthhmamas pick out flowers or a plant in their honor to plant in our yard on Mother’s Day.  It’s become pretty special and something I look forward to witnessing.  I love how they each take such care in what they choose.  It’s a very special time walking among the flowers watching them decide on what to pick out.  Once winter hit, Josh mentioned Everett’s flowers he had chosen on Mother’s Day we’re dying in the cold.  It instantly made me sad.  I desperately wanted to keep those flowers alive.  Next thing I knew Everett’s flowers showed up inside on our warm bathroom floor.  Josh knew and he took it upon himself to keep them alive.  Just a short time later they we’re blooming right in the middle of winter.  I cried at the first bloom I noticed and it has been the sweetest symbol of hope to my heart during this cold, dark winter.

7. I always dreamed of being a mama to a whole bunch of boys and this is one of my top reasons why.  They are crazy fun.  Straight up, uninhibited fun.  And no where is off limits for their fun  They never cease to amaze me, shock me, make me laugh and drive me bonkers.  Bonus:  They give great hugs.

And 8.  Because I just can’t have a boys edition post without our Everett boy.  Another day closer love.  We miss you like crazy.


  1. Even in such a time of sorrow for your family you are so uplifting. Thank you for sharing! As a mom of 2 boys I agree wholeheartedly. Mucho love to you guys!!

  2. Tears flowing freely here.

  3. I LOVE how you share from your heart. Each of you are unique and I know God blended you together as a family. Thank you for allowing us to peek into your journey. Prayers and hugs!

  4. Straight to the heart with this one – those sweet boys of yours.

  5. Andrew Marsh says:

    My tears are here again……thank you for allowing me to share your joy….and your griefs…….love you all

  6. All your boys are so handsome!!!! I got chills when I saw Everett’s flowers blooming!!! What a sign! I pray for you everyday and think about sweet Everett all the time. Hugs

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