8 Things

1. Josh Kelley keeps me laughing for literally all the days.  All.Of.Them.  He is crazy smart and so witty which means his dry humor is quick and hilarious.  One of his most favorite things to do is to take awkward photos of me without me knowing and then randomly text them to me at any given time.  I cut my eyes up just in time for this one.  I’m contemplating having a coffee table book made of all his endearing photography.

2.  I don’t want to talk about it too much or give any deatils at all because we are super afraid to jinx anything good going on in this department, but Leo has improved a tish with his sleep.  That’s it.  I should say no more.  The end.

3.  Flag football came to an end and it was adorable.  Amon could not have been more excited and proud of his metal.  Seriously his little life was made!!!!  It was beyond fun watching these boys play this season.

4.  I’m thinking about declaring it the summer of group selfies.

Bonus: Amon’s faces.  Always.

5.  A friend told me about this little gem of a tee at Target.  The next time we we’re there I was on the hunt.  Bought it on the spot and I regret it zero.  Fiesta…forever.  Always making me think about our boy.  Gah I miss him.

6.  2 Things Leo Loves To Do Daily:

1. Look at Everett photos.  Every single day he sits and looks through our basket of Shuai photos.  Leo has some speech issues…Mandarin and English…so he doesn’t have many words in either language, but every day we are working on saying “Shuai Shuai”.  By the way his sweet little concentrated look absolutely kills me.

2. Look through our fridge.  The kid LOVES LOVES LOVES his food.  Every time the refrigerator opens it’s like Leo magically appears to see what he can find.

7. A summer staple only Josh Kelley does in our house.  I can confidentally say I don’t think I’ve ever blown up one single water balloon.  All Josh Kelley.  And the kids love him for it.

And 8.  Harper is the best big sister around.  She just is.  I don’t know why or how we got so lucky to have her as the leader of our crew, but she does such a great job at sisterhood.  She loves so fiercly and it really is something to behold.  We’re the luckiest!!


  1. Terra cummins says:

    Just wanted you to know that your blog touches my heart especially since I lost my Son. Thanks for your word.

  2. Isabel Johannes says:

    Laura, thank you for your updates and photos…..i love all of the photos! ❤

  3. I was in Target yesterday and saw a cookie jar that made me think of your family and Everett. https://www.target.com/p/donkey-ceramic-cookie-jar-white-opalhouse-153/-/A-53019065. Be well.

  4. ANgie vandivier says:

    Glad you all are well. I love reading your updates. You have a beautiful family.

  5. I often see your posts about Harper and hope that they are as awesome as she is!

  6. Debbie Kimmons says:

    You have a beautiful family Laura and we’re so proud of all of you. I can see some happiness now in your lives. A deserving and loving family you are! Nana and Papa

  7. THANK YOU!!! I enjoy catching glimpses of your sweet kiddos and your family life. You are in our thoughts often. I’m glad it’s summer and hope you don’t get soaked with those water balloons!!! Everett remains in our hearts. Hugs and prayers!

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