7 Things

Let’s discuss:

1.  Last night I saw this shirt pinned on Pinterest and laughed so hard I cried.  I think it’s because I can relate.  Totally.

2.  While on the subject of Pinterest, my friend Miranda sent me this recipe she found and come on now…chocolate chip cookies and salty potato chips…hold up.  I had to try them.  They were decent, but not my fave.  I mean, there’s not many chocolate chip cookies I’d pass up anyways and I wouldn’t pass these up either, but I had super high hopes, so in the end they were a little disappointing.

3.  Sticking with the theme…I found these Greek Yogurt Zucchini Pancakes last night as well and now I must try them.  Seriously.  Zucchini in our pancakes…we shall see.  I really hope they are deliciously wonderful.

(picture source)

4.  A little bit of work completed.  12×24 Olive canvas and a 4×12 Isaiah 46:4 canvas.  I have some name pillows and buntings to complete this week…if only I could get my back to stop hurting.  Dang you hurt back!  I’m still taking orders, so shoot me a message HERE if you are interested.

5.  You guys this devotional is rocking my world.  LOVE IT…like BIG TIME.  Thanks Meg!

6.  When Harper asks me to craft with her I hate to tell her no, so we usually end up looking around via the internet for easy ideas.  This was one we found and voila…easy craftiness for my crafty, artistic loving child.  So easy.  So cute.  She made a gazillion pictures.

And 7.  Amon had a cardiologist appointment this week and there is nothing quite better than a good report, especially when your cardiologist momentarily scares the crap out of you and they have to do some extra testing only to reveal everything is a-okay after all.  Yah for thorough doctors and good appointments and 5 Guys to celebrate afterwards.  #wordup

7 things.  Boom.

Happy Wednesday!

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