7 Things

1. Our littlest was in her school program recently.  The biggest grin spread across my face when I looked over at Solomon, Hudson and Amon…her big brothers…her own personal paparazzi…as she paraded up on stage to do her thing.  Oh little girl, you are deeply loved and celebrated by so many.

2. One night Hudson dreamed about refrigerators and toilets taking over the world.  The next day was Amon’s birthday party.  I walked through our living room and noticed these signs taped up everywhere.  God love that boy.

3. When Josh’s sister Jen comes over sometimes our nephew and niece, Coop and Campbell, come too.  Those are the best kind of nights.  FortNite has been discovered and when Josh Kelley worked so hard and then got shot down, well, we weren’t sure Campbell would recover. 🙂

4. My boys.  Everyday I think about how Everett should be amongst them.  I see him missing from every part of our life and most days it feels debilitating.  We have our big three and our little three and now our little three are incomplete which makes our family incomplete.  Everyone in our house feels the weight of him missing.

Hudson and Solomon we’re recently in a school musical.  When they started to sing “For Good” from Wicked Hudson appeared on stage holding a sign that simply read, “Everett.”  And from there I lost it.  He even wrote something about Everett and they flashed it across the big screen.  I was so overcome by the tenderness of the moment I didn’t video or take any photos.  I was so glad my FIL was of clearer mind and snapped some.  These brothers are something fierce and special and will always hold Everett’s place and memory in our family high.

5. These two are thick as thieves.  If Amon had to pick one favorite person in the entire world it would be his Dad.  A close second would be his Big Daddy.  And I have to say, I am totally okay with that!

6.  Harper’s birthday cupcakes had us with all the heart eyes.  All the colors.  All the sprinkles.  And all the yummy delicious Funfetti goodness.  The perfect way to celebrate the big 11!

And 7.  When you’re the youngest boy, but the most competitive boy, sports are hard among your older siblings.  If you lose your pout game might be pretty strong, but it’s also insanely cute.


  1. Oh!!!! Tears over here. I love how hard the siblings love each other!!!!! Especially the brothers standing up openly and sharing in a crowd. Melts my heart as well. I hope they all know how much they are each loved as siblings as well as from parents, grandparents, family members and friends. Each of you are richly blessed!!!! Some people go through life and never feel loved at all.

  2. What is the story of the little girl…is she not adopted yet or safety issues or ? Just curious. (My friends adopted their Chinese daughter on the same trip as you!)

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