7 Things

1. We just got home from Disney World and whoa!!!!  I have 1,000 thoughts on the trip and why it wasn’t our wisest choice to go two months after our 3-year-old died.  Lesson learned and now we know much better.  I’m still working through all those thoughts…I’ll be back with more to share.

2. Only a few days left to get your “but if not” apparel.  These tees go to support our family.  Sage Harvest has been so generous and kind to us during this time.  I got my tank and LOVE it!!!!  CLICK HERE to grab some fun apparel for yourself.

3. I’ve been eating healthy again and well, why?!?!?!?!?  Why do I do this?!?!?  But I’m feeling better and more focussed.  My head game is always way better when I am consistent with exercise and food.  Major props to Ashley, Ashley & Alissa for keeping me accountable and doing stupid things with me.

4. I shared another photo today in the Go Getter’s Getaway!  Only 2 days left…can you sense my nervousness?!??!  Keep those votes coming…we’re almost done.  There are now 5 photos which equals 5 votes per day.  All the direct links are below making it super easy to vote!!!  Thank you guys sooooooooo much!!!

CLICK HERE for Entry #1

CLICK HERE for Entry #2

CLICK HERE for Entry #3

CLICK HERE for Entry #4

CLICK HERE for Entry #5


5. I cleaned out another bowl of Everett’s medicines the other day.  I checked with Josh Kelley before I did so.  That’s what you do when you’re in this kind of mess.  It’s important to run things by your people to make sure they are ready too.  He was, so we disposed of more of his old meds.  I replaced them with some Everett love.

6. I ran upon this old photo of Solomon and Josh the other day.  Gah!!!!!!  Sol is such a gymnast.  I told him the next thing I’m signing him up for will be gymnastics.  He flips and cartwheels and walks around on his hands like there’s no tomorrow.  His upper body strength is insane.  I remember taking this photo and thinking, “He’d make a great gymnast.”

7. And we have something super fun coming up.  We have just been so blessed by so many of you crazy nice supportive people and oddly enough, one of the emails I get most is asking for more socks!!!  Hahahahaha.  Well, ask and you shall receive.  Stay tuned!

Josh is going into the hand model business. 🙂

Okay.  That’s it!  Don’t forget to head over and vote.  If I could I’d huge each of your necks and feed you cookies to show my thanks!


  1. I can’t wait to see you win this incredible trip, Laura!

  2. Voting everyday, you’re going to Guatemala!! God bless your kind open and generous heart!!

  3. Voted on all five (been voting all along, first comment about it.) And I’d totally eat all the cookies you could give me if I lived close enough to do it. 🙂

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