Amon turned the massive 5 on Saturday and I’ve just decided to be in complete denial.  I mean, this kid will start kindergarten in the fall.  How can this even be happening?!?!?!  He is supposed to be tiny and the baby and I just don’t know how we’re all going to cope with our first heart warrior growing up.  He’s the kid who broke onto the scene out of no where with his broken little heart and God used him to restore our joy and help mend up our hearts as well.  I’ve never been sadder than when Mom died and 5 months later we met Amon.  God renewed our joy through this heart warrior and his amazing little story.  If only I could tell you the whole shebang…it’s simply unreal…maybe one day Amon will write a book.  Makes me want to cry buckets just thinking about it.

He is the funniest, quirkiest and most joyful kid.  He makes us cackle with laughter all the time and he loves bears and ninja fighting.  He’s been through the ringer for sure health wise, but this dude just keeps getting better and better.  God has done amazing work in his life with his hearing and his speech and his heart and his little mind.  He couldn’t hear…he couldn’t speak…his heart needed much repair and God met us at each fork in the road and made the way.  We we’re sure Amon had learning disabilities, but turns out he’s on track, colors just aren’t his strength and he isn’t one to want to be in the spotlight out in public.  I cannot cannot cannot wait to see what God has planned for him.

He loves all things related to music and listening to him sing his heart out in church melts me into a puddle.  He digs sweets and treats, will be any grown man’s best friend, loves baseball or ANY sport for that matter and has so many cat like tendencies it’s not even funny…but really it is.  One of our all time favorite Amon moments was after Josh Kelley installed a fan in our bedroom finding him swatting at the fan and light pulls exactly like a cat.  He’s pretty much the perfect cat ever.

He is the best snuggler around.  If you need some loven Amon is your man…added bonus he can fall asleep anywhere and has amazing hair.  His best friend is hands down his Big Daddy.  Early on when Amon didn’t speak and Big Daddy had yet to get his hearing aids they forged quite the bond and it just gets stronger and stronger as time goes on.  They make the perfect duo.  He is currently working hard on learning how to fish so he can fish with Big Daddy all the time.  Amon also has insatiable dance moves, still sleeps with the rattiest, smelliest blanket in town and loves a good, long, toy filled bath.

For his big day he slept in our back yard in a tent with Hudson and Solomon.  Instead of decorating his door we filled his tent with balloons.  He LOVES balloons…always has.  He paraded through our bedroom in the morning with his balloons in tow and announced, “Mom, it’s like my 100th birthday.”  He asked for donuts for breakfast and Chickfila for lunch.  Each time a birthday card arrived in the mail for him it was pretty much like he’d won the lottery.

Amon wanted to go to Monkey Joes for our family activity even though the majority of us new what a bad idea that was 🙂 but hey, on your birthday we let you make poor choices like Monkey Joes on a Saturday.  He asked for chocolate LionGuard cupcakes and Oreo ice-cream for dessert.  Thank you Amazon prime for having plastic LionGuard rings because my mind has been in a 112 other places.  He thought they we’re awesome.  And for dinner he requested pigs-in-a-blanket, strawberries, cheese, carrots, queso and chips.


Josh Kelley and myself still look at each other in shock and wonder because we get to be his parents.  He is simply wild, fantastic joy.  God knew just the son and brother our family needed.  God knew how much wonder and loveliness Amon would bring.  All the tears.  What a good, gracious and loving Father we serve.

Amon Kelley you are joy and it’s such an honor to be your mama.  You make everyday that much better and boy do you shine.  Happy 5th birthday!!!


  1. Rhonda Finchum says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Amon!

  2. Melanie Franklin Edwards says:

    Happy Birthday Amon!!!

  3. Marianne says:

    Happy Birthday, Amon!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Amon! 🙂
    The heart scar picture and the one with the donuts and him smiling right at the camera, both made me go “gah!” That kid…

  5. Amber Honeycutt says:

    He is such a beautiful boy! Happy birthday Amon!

  6. Jo Moseley says:

    Happy Happy 5th Birthday, Amon! I think of you every time I look at a deck of cards. It’s so much fun to get to watch you grow up. (I especially loved your reaction at the airport for Everett’s Home Coming. I saw your beautiful, sensitive, GREAT BIG love that you have for your family!) I’m praying that this next year of life will be full of Joy and Good Health. Big Hugs to you, Buddy!

  7. What a beautiful boy…..from precious baby to his 5 yr old now! I would love HUG him, squeeze him, shower him with butterfly kisses. He’s very special. Guard the gift of God in him. And you and your husband are extremely special people. May God continue to bless you!


  9. This made me all teary eyed. Can’t believe Amon is so big!!!!!!

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