14 Things

Because I’m playing catch up, I present to you my longest random things post ever!!!!

1.  These two are ridiculous.  Winter loves Leo so well, but simultaneously knows exactly what to do to tick him off.  Every afternoon when she gets in the car after preschool she asks me, “So how was Leo’s day?  Did he take a good nap?”  And she always brings him home extra fruit from school because she knows how much he loves fruit.

2.  For Campbell’s 16th birthday party we bought a confetti cannon from Party City.  My friend Ashley told me all about it and knew I needed one in my life.  When Campbell walked in our house we shot it off and it was instant joy for everyone.  I felt this deep sense of satisfaction releasing the confetti into the air.  Jen joked that we needed another one for when Cooper and Isaac arrived late soooooo Josh Kelley ran out and bought another confetti cannon mid party.  When Coop and Isaac walked in the front door late for the party we greeted them with what sounds like a small gun shot and another explosion of confetti.  Later in the party Campbell informed me her friend Alison was coming so we did what only totally normal people do and sent Chad out for yet another confetti cannon.  We had never met Alison and she’d never been to our house, but when she opened our front door we shot off another confetti cannon in her direction.  It was hysterical.  I roared with laughter all three times.  I posted all the videos on my Instagram stories because who wouldn’t want to see unsuspecting late party guests get shot with a confetti cannon.

We are still finding confetti despite our best efforts to clean it all up.  That night when the heat kicked on confetti came blowing up out of the two floor vents in our living room.  I died.  I’ve decided I’m going to buy them in bulk now and keep them on hand for those perfect moments.

3.  I’m training him well.  He LOVES when I bake because he knows he gets to sit right by the mixer and wait patiently to lick any leftover batter.  Salmonella isn’t a real thing right?!?!?!  Ha.

4.  These 3 are a total trip together and they can pretty much talk me into most anything.  Chickfila? Sure.  Fill up 700 water balloons?  Why not.  22 cookies?  Sure.  I’m a sucker, what can I say.  Winter is a full 2 years younger and yet the exact same size and she’s very confident she’s their boss.  Amon sometimes has a major hang up with sharing his bestie, but usually ends up caving and graciously widening his little friend circle to include his little sister.  It’s kind of the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

5.  Sunday nights are usually our best kind of nights.  America’s Funniest Home Videos-4-Ever!!!!

6.  Leo is crazy about our basket of Everett’s photos.  Daily he will look through them studying each photo so intently.  I know it seems so improbable, but I swear he remembers Shuai all on his own.  It’s bizarre and weird and outlandish, but the greatest gift to Josh and myself the way Leo talks about him, studies his photos and picks out pictures of him all around our home all on his own.

7.  Harper and I started running together and it’s been the most fun.  Man, I love big kids.  She wants to do a 5k so we found a training schedule and got started.  On our last lap of each run, we race.  So far she has way more wins than I do…the girl is fast.

8.  I love these photos of Harper, Hudson, Solomon and Amon.  Amon was showing off his muscles and Harper was confirming her little brother’s strength.  Hudson went in for a purple nurple (I can’t explain…google at your own risk…you’ve been warned) and right after I quit snapping pictures Harper gave Amon the biggest wedgie I’ve ever seen.  Solomon casually sat their laughing to himself.  Life is good.

9.  Josh was giving Leo a bath the other night and shortly after he brought the bar of soap in and held it up. Then we all roared with laughter and for the rest of the night Leo’s breath smelled like straight up Dove soap.

10.  The last time Winter had her hair done she got to sit under the dryer for the first time.  It was hilarious.  She kept looking around inside the dryer and asking me if I’ve ever done this too.  She is the absolute best at getting her hair done.  Nothing phases the girl and she’s not tender headed at all which works out fantastically for whoever is braiding her hair.

11.  Instagram is my absolute favorite social media.  I’ve long ditched my personal Facebook account, I rarely hit up Twitter and I could never get on board with SnapChat.  Long live Instagram.  I love it because you can also categorize the photos and stories you share with hashtags.  One of my top favorites:  #hudandsol  It’s the sweetest walk down memory lane of these two boys of mine.

12.  I see this photo and my heart swoons and aches.  Missing our Everett boy every single day.

13.  I want to squeeze Leo into a minimum of one million pieces.  I do not feel like this is too much.

14.  And sometimes a moment is just perfection, the lighting is just right and Hudson’s hair is swooped in just the right direction you absolutely must snap a picture.  He was waiting for Josh and Harper to get home from work and school and he was striking standing there all teenager like.  Afterwards I squeezed his giant man body and made him swear to always love me. 🙂


  1. Mary Ann scanlon says:

    I love Instagram too, it has brought me all the feels with friends I know irl and friends I only know online. Your family and the love and care you have for each other always brightens my day. Thank you.
    Oh and I am off to buy that amazing confetti cannon for my grands birthday party!

  2. I love the way you guys celebrate!! Taking notes!!

  3. You love well. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Lisa gilliam says:


  5. Dana Denton says:

    Hey, Community Church has their 5k to help the kids go to church camp on March 9th. Any chance you and Harper would want to run with us? Let me know! You can reach out on FB if you want and I can send you the link to sign up or you can search Stride at the Streets on FB.

  6. YES!!!!!!!! 14Things………try for 20 next time????? x

  7. YES!!!!!! 14 Things………try for 20 next time???? xx

  8. Oh my goodness, that picture of Leo looking at Josh…be still my heart! SO SWEET!!

  9. You inspired me…. we had to get a confetti cannon for my in-laws 36th year retirement party from being pastors at our church. Everyone loved it. I only wish I had gotten 2….or 20!

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