13 Things

1. Sometimes I receive the most fun and kind things in the mail.  I cannot tell you what it does for my heart when other people think about and remember Everett.  When they say his name it’s like a breath of air straight into my lungs.  Rainbow napkins for our rainbow boy.  Just the most kind and sweet and simple gift that filled my heart right up.  Thank you so much Kera!

2.  We love cinnamon toast.  For a while there was a cinnamon sugar struggle that went on each morning.  Then I wised up and premixed the cinnamon and sugar.  2TB sugar to 1tsp cinnamon.  LIFE CHANGING!!!!

3.  When my kids take my phone without me knowing and take 1 million selfies it is both 100% annoying and 100% awesome.  One of their selfies almost always makes my photo for the day.

4.  Jen brought us sweet treats from Breeden’s Orchard not too long ago.  Giant fruity pebbles rice Krispy treats.  What in the world!??!  They were promptly devoured.


5.  Janet sent donuts home with Harper one afternoon and I teared up at the rainbow stickers she added.  If you want to be a good friend to someone during grief and loss and suffering, just do what you do best.  It does not have to be grand and big to deeply deeply matter.  Rainbow stickers on a donut box reminded me on a hard day that our son was not forgotten by the world…there were still people out there thinking of him and us.  Means the absolute world.

 6.  Winter started getting carsick during their morning commute to school.  She LOVES oils and is a solid oil user like myself.  So it made total sense to make her up a carsick roller and it has seriously done the trick.  I just threw in a little of lavender, digize and peppermint and topped it off with a carrier oil.  Done and done.  It’s now her go-to in the morning.

7.  We received some TruColour Bandages in the mail a while back and I was instantly sold.  They match all the different shades of skin in our family and are seriously an incredible quality bandaid.  I’ve been buying them at Target ever since and don’t plan on stopping.  This is not an ad…just a mama telling you about a totally legit product.  Multicultural crayons & markers & construction paper and other supplies are important for classrooms.  This year I bought all our teachers packs for their classrooms and plan on keeping them in stock all year long.

8.  Need a fun afternoon craft for a kiddo who loves crafting and creating?!?!?  Just search on Pinterest “paper flower DIY” and voila.  Harper and I knocked this out in a shockingly short amount of time and it’s absolutely stunning.  We plan on making other varieties too!

9.  I love this photo of Josh and me that Winter took.  So perfectly, insanely us. 🙂  Move over Cheyenne, Winter’s coming!

10.  These SLPmade winter hats landed in our mailbox and then I died!  I mean, come on!!  Could there really be a more perfect set of stocking caps for our crew?!?!?  No way!  I might have already had our kids pictures taken wearing them for our Christmas card.  Thank you so much Sarah!  You are ridiculously talented.


11.  I did a super adult thing after school started back.  It’s right up there with getting life insurance and buying luggage.  I felt like such an adult.  For the first time since Josh Kelley and I got married we bought drinking glasses.  Like real legit, actually matching drinking glasses.  And at the end of the day I was walking a little taller.

12.  While Harper, Hudson, Solomon and Amon signed up for soccer this fall season, Winter and Leo headed off to Chinese school.  I so wish Everett could be here for this part of life.  He would LOVE going with them each Saturday to learn his home language and do crafts and sing songs and just all the fun Winter and Leo have each week.  I was nervous going in…I wanted to do and say and be all the right things.  We were welcomed with open arms and kind hearts.  This place is special!

And 13.  This is a very important PSA for all of the 32 people who read my blog.  Speedway gas stations have any size icee for a mere .88 cents.  I repeat, Speedway gas stations have any size icee for a mere .88 cents.  Also, I kind of cringe saying this because I feel as if I am betraying our beloved TigerMarket, but Speedway now has the best icee in town.  Alas.  Go forth and purchase delicious and perfect consistency icees!


  1. Carrie Corrigan says:

    I spy with my little eye a new tattoo too! That should be addressed as #14 please!!! 🙂

  2. Mary Ann Scanlon says:

    Those hats!! And I bought the bandage so for my little grands last time you mentioned them. Thank you, it’s those things that make a difference.

  3. Your family is super busy! There are SO MANY things I just love about this post!!!!
    Everett would be right in there with them enjoying everything!

  4. Heather Herman says:

    Where are your adult drinking glasses from? And the SLPmade hats are amazing. I’m stalking their Etsy & I def see a pair of their earrings in my future. I love your random posts. Also, Speedway is a daily stop in my life. I get a big fountain Coke for .88 cents that makes adulting a lot easier.

  5. What a fun group of pics and links! Awesome hats!! Pretty glasses and fruity pebbles rice Krispy treats!! It’s like Christmas in October!

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