10 Things

1. I can’t.  I just cannot handle his cuteness.  When he lays on his little belly and places those hands under his chin.  Gahhhh!  One of his all time favorite things to watch is Mandarin Elmo episodes on Youtube.  His total fave.

2. We’ve got two blue belts in the house now.  I have no idea how long karate will last, but until it ends I will adore them in their gis.  Their handsome smiles…geeze.

3. The other day I was going out to get the mail and I grabbed Harper’s shoes.  I slipped them on and THEY FIT!!!!!  Why?!?!?!  Why do my 11-year-olds shoes fit me?!?!?!  This is not okay.  She is almost as tall as me and she’s just a really neat kid so that makes it really hard to be ticked at her for all this growing.  Alas.

4. Some times they ask me for something or to do something and they make these faces.  They legitimately think it will work…that they can sway me with those faces and posture.  Sometimes I exchange a photo for their request and all is right in the world.

5. These two + Kroger’s car cart + free cookies = true love

Go ahead boys, just take all my money forever.  I am completely smitten and hopelessly powerless against your adorable faces.

6. Hudson is such a fun and quirky kid.  He is always drawing and reading and making and building things and he is the king of handmade gifts.  I imagine he will be in some sort of engineering job when he grows up…maybe a roller coaster creator.  I feel like he would kill at this kind of job.

PS:  Crossed-legged sitters forever!

7. Solomon and Leo were upstairs in their room for quite a bit the other afternoon.  Then they appeared on the stairs together and Solomon had dressed Leo up in our Ewok costume.  It was beyond adorable and he really embraced his crazy Ewok persona.  Solomon was quite pleased with himself.

8. His kisses, well, they are the sweetest.

9. We often talk about how far Leo has already come.  He is a night-and-day different kid then when we were first together in China.  He has come insanely far in a short period of time and we are crazy proud of him.  When he goes running as fast as his skinny little twig legs can carry him to greet Josh at the door I always think about how he used to not even like Josh…didn’t want him to touch him or carry him or anything.  And while that is completely normal for a child recently adopted, their relationship feels extra sweet.  I adore watching them together.

And 10.  Because he’s always on my mind and missed beyond comprehension and I’ll never not want to share his sweet face with whoever will take a look.  Love you sweet boy!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Your kiddos are all amazing, as are you and Josh! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Sara Sparks says:

    Thank you Laura, for sharing your family’s story with so many.

  3. I love, love, love reading your posts! Shopping in Walmart the other day, and I saw a rainbow donkey streamer decoration that had the word fiesta in rainbow colors and I immediately thought of your beautiful family and Everett! I took a picture in hopes of sending it to you to say he isn’t forgotten and that rainbows and your loss will forever be etched in my memory!

  4. Lisa gilliam says:

    It’s all just a big pile of LOVE.

  5. So very sweet!

  6. KIrsten says:

    Such a sweet, sweet post! I love reading your posts…it truly brightens my day. Please continue to share Everett pictures…I love to see his sweet face! Have a great day Laura! ❤️

  7. Catherine says:

    Beautiful…..I love seeing your family grow. God bless.

  8. Heather N says:

    I always look for Everett in your pics when you post and I always will. You are so missed, sweet boy!

  9. Love your lists and you family ♥️
    Random but was thinking of Hudson the other day I know he was having some health stuff earlier this year- hoping he’s doing better!
    One of my favorites right now- story pirates podcast! Kid submitted stories read and performed by professionals – so much fun! Makes summer car rides so much better!

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